Comedy Marathon featuring Squirm & Germ, The Bartenders and The Shock T’s


Fri., Jan. 17 @ 8:00

Threshold Repertory Theatre

Sat., Jan. 18 @ 9:00

Threshold Repertory Theatre

Squirm & Germ
Squirm and Germ is a high-energy music comedy duo hailing from NYC.  These two MC’s use their hip-hop alter egos to celebrate their irreverent passions in life with songs about everything from active pregnancies to the state of Maine, naps and neti pots. They produce infectious beats, legit harmonies reminiscent of Rockapella, and rhyme faster than a kid who drank five Red Bulls at a sleepover.  Their raucous live show is for music lovers with an appreciation for hip-hop, funk, rock, tasty synths, club jams, and rapid fire pop culture references.  They are beyond excited to come to Charleston for the first time and hope everybody is ready for a feel-good party!

The Teeny Mare Show is a dip into the strange brains of Christine Holt and Mary Guiteras. As professional people watchers (New York City bartenders), Teeny and Mare get to observe human behavior at its most unfiltered, shameless states. Come see what they’ve learned in an improvised set of hilarity. Facebook Page

The Shock T’s
The Shock T’s return to Charleston, their favorite city in the world, for their 7th visit to sing a variety of their best new and old comedy songs. The Shock T’s are a comedy band from Chicago that formed in 2009. Originally playing venues around the city, they started touring comedy festivals across the US in 2011. The Charleston City Paper described their songs as “…incredibly well-written ballads that come one after another, leaving the audience little time to catch their breath.”