Improv Marathon featuring The Coalition Theater TourCo, The Pushers and Bone Cracker


Fri., Jan. 17 @ 7:30pm

Redux Contemporary Art Center

Sat., Jan. 18 @ 9:00

Redux Contemporary Art Center

The Coalition Theater TourCo
The Coalition Theater TourCo is an allstar team of improvisers from Virginia’s best improv theater and training center, The Coalition Theater in downtown Richmond. Their favorite thing to do is use a member of the crowd as the inspiration, whether it’s getting to know them through nosing through their Facebook page, dissecting the contents of their wallet, or grabbing their iPod and putting it on shuffle.

The Pushers
The Pushers are Virginia’s premiere sketch and improv comedy group.  For more than eight years they have thrilled (and shocked) audiences with their wild antics both on and off stage.  The group puts on a racy, high-octane, energetic show that is guaranteed to have audiences howling with laughter.
In March The Pushers’ Off-Broadway musical Cuff Me: The Unauthorized Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody debuted in New York City.  It continues to run in New York and recently opened in Chicago as well.  A third production is currently touring the country.

Bone Cracker
When you think Bone Cracker (DSI Comedy Theater), think Indiana Jones running from the boulder. Think the banana truck in the song 16 Tons making it around that hairpin mountain curve. Think ninjas versus pirates with time-travel katanas and light-saber hooks.
…in the above examples, BONE CRACKER is the boulder, the hairpin curve, and both the ninjas and pirates.
Kick-down-the-door-prov. Bring it on.