Laugh for a Lincoln featuring Organized Chaos and Full Love Throttle


Wed., Jan. 15 @ 8:00

Theatre 99

Organized Chaos
Graduates from Theatre 99′s improv university will thrill you with their character-driven monologues that will inspire a ton of wacky scenes. The perfect show if you like cats, Superman, blondes, and the British. You know how your mom wants you to clean your room, but you know exactly where everything is? Well… that has nothing to do with this show. The crew from Organized Chaos will not help you clean your room, but they will make sure you have a hilarious evening. Make sure you ask for a To-Go box, because there will be too much fun for you take in one sitting.

Full Love Throttle
After working together since 1991, Greg Tavares and Brandy Sullivan (both of The Have Nots!) decided it was time to do a 2-person show.  It starts by taking information from one audience volunteer and then dives headfirst into characters and scenes that you won’t soon forget.