Theatre 99

Festival Finale

Sat., Jan. 18, 10:30 @ Theatre 99

The hottest ticket in the festival! This 2 hour extravaganza is a sample platter of many of the festival shows and artists. Get your tickets now before they sell out.


All Star JAM

Fri., Jan. 17, 11:00 @ Theatre 99

Some of the country’s best improvisers will be in town during the festival. What better way to celebrate than by having good old-fashioned improv jam! This is sure to be an “anything goes and probably will” type of show.


Reformed Whores

Fri., Jan. 17, 9:30 @ Theatre 99

Sat., Jan. 18, 7:30 @ Theatre 99

If Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby it would be musical comedy duo Reformed Whores. Southern bred NYC based, Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame have been lassoing hearts across the country with their sweet harmonies and old timey wit. Their debut album “Ladies Don’t Spit” includes tracks like Drunk Dial, Birth Control, and Girls [...]


Alice and Edward (improv with Susan Messing and Frank Caeti)

Fri., Jan. 17, 8:00 @ Theatre 99

Sat., Jan. 18, 9:00 @ Theatre 99

Alice & Edward Alice & Edward are the middle names of Susan Messing and Frank Caeti. Susan lives in Chicago, Frank lives in Los Angeles. They perform long form improvisation together anytime they are in the same city.   Frank Caeti is an alumnus of The Second City Chicago where his credits include: National Touring Company, two resident [...]


smpl. presents Laugh for a Lincoln featuring Moral Fixation and Neckprov

Thu., Jan. 16, 9:00 @ Theatre 99

Neckprov Come join Skeeter, Wild Man, Jackson, Carlene, Dody, Ray Ray and Chevron for an evening for rednecks and those who are curious about rednecks.  This long form will weave a tapestry of stereotypical redneck situations and not so stereotypical situations into a gut busting show that will have you waving the stars and stripes [...]


smpl. presents Improv Riot

Thu., Jan. 16, 7:30 @ Theatre 99

Shows at Theatre 99 are improv parties where audience members laugh until it hurts.  Come loaded with suggestions for the quick witted Theatre 99 ensemble members who will take your suggestions…and rock out hilarious unscripted scenes.  Guaranteed to make you laugh!


Laugh for a Lincoln featuring Human Fireworks and Little Miss Codependent

Wed., Jan. 15, 9:00 @ Theatre 99

Human Fireworks Every show begins with a warning that “it’s about to get weird,” and Human Fireworks delivers.  Combining abstract movement and sound with inspired scene work, the 6 person team creates a unique hilarious experience that stretches the boundaries of an improv show.  There’s one thing you can guarantee with Human Fireworks, it will [...]


Laugh for a Lincoln featuring Organized Chaos and Full Love Throttle

Wed., Jan. 15, 8:00 @ Theatre 99

Organized Chaos Graduates from Theatre 99′s improv university will thrill you with their character-driven monologues that will inspire a ton of wacky scenes. The perfect show if you like cats, Superman, blondes, and the British. You know how your mom wants you to clean your room, but you know exactly where everything is? Well… that [...]